26June2014* Wandering through the Siob Bazaar

Yesterday afternoon, after jumping through the major monumental architecture of the city, I entered the chaotic Siob bazaar. At the entrance sat a babushka (a grandmotherly figure or literal grandmother in Russian) with an outstretched wolf skin and several handmade necklaces lining the fur that included colorful beads, toes (from that animal with fur still attached), and teeth.  My first picture is of the wonderful older woman posing with my friend from Samarkand, Anvar. I ended up with a necklace that included a toe and two teeth (a canine and molar) for good luck.

The first section promised all of the dry products you could possibly imagine: fruits, nuts, beans, and candies.  Today when I returned quickly to the bazaar, I picked up dried apricots stuffed with walnuts- absolutely delicious and a great snack for romping around in the sun all afternoon. The bread section was also an adventure.  Anvar taught me about the types of bread coming from different cities.  The second photo of bread below that looks like a huge bagel is the traditional bread of Samarkand.  Yesterday evening, I tried it with my archaeological colleagues at a cafe- it is quick tough on the outside, but moist on the inside and I was told it can hold up several days.

My other favorite moment in the bazaar was outside of the food section. In a photo below, I am standing between two women wearing an black and teal ikat dress.  I had a lot of fun with these girls trying on some outfits in their shop! Later that evening I finally found the two-piece multi-color ikat silk dress (a tunic and cropped trousers) to wear to a dinner I had tonight with our Uzbek archaeological colleagues (the instagram photo posted at the end) .  I think that my fashion choice went over quite well!
SONY DSC Anvar and the older woman who makes jewelry from animal productsSONY DSC everything driedSONY DSC

bread, called ‘non’ in UzbekSONY DSC

the bread of SamarkandSONY DSC SONY DSC trying on dresses with these wonderful, kind and hilarious ladiesSONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCphoto (5)an instagram photo of me wearing my silk ikat tunic and trousers before heading out to our dinner


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