27July2014* My Mid-Season Excavation Break Returning to Bukhara

I am back in Bukhara for a third time this summer for our mid-season excavation break.  However, this time I arrived alone (the rest of my team stayed in the village).  Despite spending most of my time sleeping in the hotel and catching up on emails and work that I could not do without internet back in our village, I managed to wander out to the old city to explore and visit a few places I missed the last time I was here.  I wanted to just spend a few hours out yesterday and this morning,  so for most of this trip I targeted the artisan workshops, which were among my list of things to see here.  I was able to watch silk carpets being woven, metallic jewelry hammered and miniatures  painted.  This morning I grabbed my camera to take a few more general photos of the city.  A month ago I took photos in the old city when the sun was setting, so it was interesting to revisit these  architectural spaces in both a contrasting light and with almost a lack of human presence.SONY DSC Arabon StreetSONY DSCMaghoki-Attar Mosque

An empty Taki-Telpak Furushon BazaarSONY DSC

Taki-Telpak Furushon Bazaar SONY DSC

The back exterior wall of Mir-i Arab MadrassaSONY DSC

The Taki-Zargaron Bazaar is also empty

vendors beginning to set up shop outside the Mir-i Arab MedrassaSONY DSC

Exterior of the Mir-i Arab MedrassaSONY DSC

The square facing the Kalon Mosque and Minaret

Kalon Mosque SONY DSC

Kalon MinaretSONY DSC

Kalon Minaret

Mors, a berry beverageSONY DSC

Bolo-Hauz MosqueSONY DSC

Bolo-Hauz Mosque SONY DSC

Bolo-Hauz Mosque SONY DSC

Bolo-Hauz Mosque


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