A Long Weekend in the Berner Oberland: Beatenberg

This past weekend was Pfingstferien in Germany. I needed to visit a museum in Switzerland, so it was the perfect excuse to stay for a long weekend in the Bernese Highlands.  I drove southwest, picked up my boyfriend, and kept driving south over the border until snow-capped peaks emerged behind rolling green hills.  We decided to make this trip about natures and camping: just a rental car, tent, a camping gas stove and our backpacks.  Gleb and I each chose a campsite to explore two different areas of the Thunsee/Interlaken region. Our first night was in Beatenberg, north of Thunsee and Gleb’s choice. Wang’s Camping is run by a Swiss couple who are always out in wellies and speak serious Schweizerdeutsch. The site sits on a hillside at 1200 meters with views of Eiger (3970m), Mönch (4107m) and Jungfrau (4158m). The family resides in a traditional wooden chalet, but their land also includes a full-sized wool yurt, a garden with two goats that love to play headbutt, and a dog that never runs out of energy when it comes to a game of fetch. Further up the hillside are cows and music ringing from their neck bells, below are the designated grass-covered camping lots.

We set up our small blue two-person tent here in one of the lots with the door facing across Thunsee to Jungfrau. Before dusk, we set out for a short walk in Beatenberg, but quickly turned back to our tent as temperatures began to drop. Despite the date being May 18th, the temperatures hit freezing the first night after we feel asleep in jackets and wool beanies.

our home for two nights in Beatenberg
hillside chalets
evening turning to night
Thunsee at Dusk
waking up to Jungfrau
a clear view of the 4000 meter peaks across Thunsee
wooden chalets
the church of Beatenberg
roofing tiles of wood

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