about my travel blog

Myself in front of a Sasanian rock relief at Naqsh-e Rostam, Fars, Iran, August 2016

I am professionally an historian of Central Asian art. I am an artist in between writing and a fashion aficionado day in and day out. About five years ago this travel blog more or less crystalized around my inability to stay in one place. However; fortunately, being a graduate student of archaeology and art history allows me to fuel (and legitimize) this ideal lifestyle with academic and professional purpose. I can be found sleeping, eating, reading and writing near my university or short-term academic home about seven months out of a year, but for the remaining months I am abroad thriving on museum research, field work and (mostly) adventure. I would like to think of this platform as not only a digital archive of my travels, but also as evidence that I am alive for my friends and family.


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